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The name of the blog is KDramaGuk, or Korean Drama Guk (한국 드라마 국), which literally translates to Korean Drama Soup. The intention is a boiling pot hodgepodge blog dedicated to my love for the wild, sometimes melodramatic, but always enjoyable thing that is a Korean miniseries. Mostly reviews, with some fangirlism thrown in as added spice: including but not limited to recaps, photospasms, rant editorializing, and of course, revisiting of great drama moments.

Truth is, I watch way too many, get way too worked up and think way too much about them and thats the sad truthso for no good reason other than its a free universe and I can, I wanted to share my completely biased opinions of the ones I’ve watched, loved and hated…mostly to kill some time but also to just kick it with other Kdrama fans out there in zee wide internesky land (the most amazing community of dedicated, passionate and generous people, from my experience).

These are, of course, merely my rambling thoughts on the dramas I have watched (and by no means all-inclusive) and in reality, mean very little in the grand scheme of the Kdrama world. I have strong opinions (don’t we all?)—sometimes right, most often wrong—so whether you agree with my reviews or think I’m completely off my meds, let’s be friends! We can agree or agree to disagree! C’est la vie, non? I would love to hear from other drama fans.

~ dramanoella

(In case anyone is wondering, yes, I am ethnically Korean, if American by nationality)

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Recent Posts

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Biased & Worst of 2013

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First Impressions
Let’s Eat (2014)
식샤를 합시다
(Nov 2013 – Mar 2014)

JTBC, Monday -Tuesday
Aired May- July 2013

Marry Me Yoo AhIn!
Dramas and drama-ish show I talk about after the jump: WINMaster’s Sun and Good Doctor.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf
Dramas I talk about after the jump: Master’s Sun (eps 11-12). If you haven’t watched Master’s Sun yet, don’t read on. Major ass spoilers ahead...because major ass things went down!

Funny Mathematics
Master’s Sun (eps 9 & 10) is the only drama I chat about after the jump. But I am pretty sure I am going to start Good Doctor this week.

Heartless City (2013)
무정도시 / Cruel City
(May – July 2013)

Crossing Imaginary Lines
Dramas I will spoil after the jump: Master’s Sun (Eps 7-8). I am still watching Who Are You, but I have little to say on it, other than Kim JaeWook continues to be a handsome spectral figure. Oh, and I had to officially drop Goddess of Fire.

More fangirling over JiSub and HyoJin after the jump, and Master’s Sun (Episode 5 and 6) will be the only drama I yap about and spoil. It was the only one I managed to watch this week.

I Can Hear Your Voice (2013)
너의 목소리가 들려
(Jun – Jul 2013)

Bright Bright Taeyang
Dramas I will talk about and spoil after the  jump: Master’s Sun (until Ep 4). And some more thoughts on The Blade and the Petal (up to Ep6), and Who Are You (up to Ep6). And also, the craziest thing I saw this weekend: Kim WooBin fighting killer female robots.