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Favorite OSTs

Unforgettable tracks from drama soundtracks.
No particular order.
Touch Love
by Yoon MiRae
Master’s Sun

그래 나를 믿자 (That’s Right, Believe In Myself)
by 정인 (Jung In) Feat. Bizzy
City Hall
src: Wswn8
Everyday by 조정희 (Jo JungHee)
Heartless City

src: newkpopmelody18
살기 위해서 (In Order To Live)
by 노을 (Noel)
Padam Padam
src: glacierkn
모르나봐 (Don’t Know Yet)
by M Signal
You’ve Fallen For Me
src: goldenjewelOST
하늘이여... 제발 (Please, Heaven)
by 인순이 (In Sooni)

src: Peaceful Tuesday
Remember by 오현란
Something Happened in Bali
src: LoveDramaOST
여우비 (Fox Rain) 
by 이선희 (Lee SunHee)
My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
src: leeseunggiworld03
by Naby
On Air
src: Reine d' Esther
Because I’m Stupid
by SS501
Boys Over Flowers
src: dadadaphnee
전하지 못할 말 (Words I Can’t Express)
by J
Goong S
src: crimsonblossoms
어디에 (Where)
by 미 (Mi)
Bad Guy
src: Kikitoroka
말도 없이 (Without Words)
by 9th Street
You’re Beautiful
src: 3nityBlood

More Choice KDrama Grooves
Favorite Soundtracks
(occasionally updated)

Que Sera Sera
Sly, indie and a little flirty. With a hint of loneliness. It has a flavor all its own and is the kind of offering that doesn't need any kdrama for self-esteem. The album is amazing all by itself.

My Lovely Samsoon
Smooth and a little jazzy, it compliments romance perfectly and reminded us that the soundtrack of falling in love doesn't have to be sappy and cheesy but can also be lovely and well-made, credible music. Clazziquai features prominently here, which is never a bad thing. Alex's voice is just honey.

Boys Over Flowers
The soundtrack that never stopped. With multiple volumes and neverending special releases, it became a little self-serving in its desire to cash in on the drama's success, but all that aside, there was still some great music showcased.

You’re Beautiful
Being as the drama was about an idol group, this drama was expected to have a decent musical offering and it didn't fail. It's addictive music, especially when paired with the show. The drama's ratings may have been mediocre but the soundtrack was a killer seller. The two real idols (Lee Hongki and Jung YongHwa) lend their voices and Jang GeunSuk and Park ShinHye show how multi-talented they are by contributing as well.

Spring Waltz
Weeping cries of the violin and melodic teardrops of piano keys fill the score for this drama and it is poignant and a delight to listen to all around.

"Song of Devotion" and "Song of Sorrow" are two of the most beautiful tracks to grace a soundtrack. The whole thing is gorgeous.

The sheer density and randomness of the music featured throughout the drama was impressive, as well as the quality of it. A great combination of both Korean and English tracks.

1st Shop of Coffee Prince
Light and airy but pleasantly surprising, like a summer shower.

Something Happened in Bali
Any track in this collection will take you right back into the misery and tragedy of its parent drama. These songs were able to capture longing in a most tangible way and they were unforgettably haunting melodies.

Full House
It was highly unlikely this wouldn't make my list. It was Full House and it was Full House music - cute and bouncy. Perfect together.

Baker King, Kim TakGu
Truthfully, this musical entourage wasn’t the most perfect pairing for this drama, as tonally the two were at odds with one another (but Baker was a rather tone deaf drama that didn’t know its own direction anyway). This little guy may not have grooved like true kin to its televised counterpart, but the soundtrack was so generously salted with pleasing songs that it forced my hand, and behold, here it is now, sitting among esteemed company.

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