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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Choice KDrama Grooves: Part 2


Take a listen?

Song of Sorrow - Kim BumSoo
Damo (2003)

Song of Devotion - Page
Damo (2003)

Again - Choi SungIl
Strongest ChilWoo (2008)

Moon Crazy - W & Whale
Que Sera Sera (2007) 

Propose - Hong JiHo
Propose (1997) 

그녀에게 잘 보이기 - W. Praise
(Making A Good Impression)
He Who Can’t Get Married (2009) 

수호천사 - S. Jin
(SuHo’s Angel/Guardian Angel)
Spring Waltz (2006) 

화신 - Park HyoShin
(News of Flowers Blooming)
Iljimae (2008) 

희망은 잠들지 않는 꿈 - 규현
(A Hopeful Dream That Wont Sleep) 
Baker King (2010)


  1. wah... DAEBAK!!
    I LOVE IT!!!

    the only one I have never heard before is the cover by 9th street.. thank you so much for posting it, it sounds awesome! it would have been a total shame if i didn't get to listen to that.. i think 9th street is quite underrated..

    special mention for bands/eye candies cuz i'm shallow like that:
    i'm surprised you even included we (can make it my friend)! (I had that song on repeat for almost a month because i'm g.o.d.'s fan AND TIM + JGS=yummy. kk).. and omo, even one from kyuhyun!!! haha. u know y i love that. kk.
    and ft island!! no big bang? wonder if they did any "groovy" songs for OST...

    are you going to post more post like this? i might make a playlist on my mp3 player with it... dunno why i never thought of doing that. i have a playlist for ost songs but grooves theme is so much better!

    haha... can you tell i loved the post? :)

    btw, r u watching queen of reversals? or dr champ?
    i will also be watch Mary Marry Me (apparently, that's the new eng title -_-") and SG (and PK special youtube)!
    i have a girlcrush on all the female leads.. haha. HJW, JSM, MGY in that order.. how amazing is that?! and wow, i'm so hyped. sorry for this comment... -_-"
    and yes, yikes, it's november already! what a drama year it has been!

  2. sorry... i'm too hyped!! but kyuhyun's voice, melt.. melt... melt... sigh. i've forgotten how that song affected me...
    the whole playlist is melt actually. i'm going to be reduced to a poodle of goo by the time I'm finished listening to all songs..

  3. lol.. me again. i've just saw the GD a boy vid u posted! it seems such a long time since i've seen him in music shows.... nostalgic...
    btw, did u hear JGS new Mary OST song?

  4. Yay, yay. I'm glad you liked the posts! I think I will do more, for sure, as I love kdrama music almost as much as the kdramas themselves!

    I'm super dooper excited for Mary, too. I think JGS' song is a little different for a kdrama ost, but I like the song itself! It's got flavah. You?

    And BB should be back on stage in no time! Yippee.

  5. Oh, I didn't answer about the dramas. I am terribly behind on a lot of dramas...in fact, I've only watched up to Ep 14 of Sungkyunkwan! I won't be watching Queen of Reversals (UNLESS the fan response is overwhelming), but I will be checking out Dr Champ and Flames of Ambition (hopefully sooner rather than later). I recently started Joseon X-Files, which I like, as well. This has been a rich year for kdramas, TOO rich! =)


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