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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Choice KDrama Grooves: Part 4

Take a listen?

말도없이 (Without Words)- Jang GeunSuk 
You’re Beautiful (2009)

Angel - Super Junior 
Haru (2010)

Bless You - Loveholic 
Que Sera Sera (2007)

I Think I - Byul
Full House (2004)

If - Naby 
On Air (2008)

Love Is Punishment - K.Will 
Shining Inheritance (2009)

Page One - SG Wannabe, Ok JuHyun (Sg워너비 & 옥주현) 
Coffee House (2010)

Remember - 오현란 
Something Happened in Bali (2004)

What Should I Do? (어떡하죠) - Park DaAe (박다예) 
You’re Beautiful (2009)

Gray Noise - Yeongene 
Millionaire’s First Love (2006)
Not KDrama but K-Movie...but still so pretty...

You - Kazami 
Samurai Champloo (2004/2005) 
Japanese Anime


말도없이 (Without Words) - 9th Street 
You’re Beautiful (2009)


  1. lovely part 3 and 4...
    not one song did i not like!
    i noticed you added songs of movies and japanese animes as well in addition to the other bonuses.. (plus suju Angel.. :) and BB's IRIS! what about the japanese version?)
    just a question, before i download it, i was just wondering what's the download link in part 3 and 4?
    lyn's covers were amazing. i remember being awed the first time i saw her do it. i love the yhy sketchbook's show! kk.
    btw, are you going to add any other japanese songs? some of them are really good. kk.
    and that pig-field scene in YAB is still probably the most stomach-hurting scene ever in recent memory. PRICELESS. gosh i miss that drama... mary is coming up though!!
    and yes, try to check out dr champ. it might be just worth it, just for the abs. kk. as for flames of ambition, warning, it's HEAVY... and makjang to the core but fascinatingly so.

  2. I prob will add more Japanese songs...I have a long list of songs I want to eventually put up! ^^ Oh, are the links in Pts 3+4 for the downloads not working???

  3. yay for japanese songs!
    it's not that they are not working, it's that i'm not sure what they are before i download them...
    so, are they like a zip of songs you posted?

  4. Yawp, that's exactly what they are!


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