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Friday, April 16, 2010

REWATCH: Personal Taste - Ep 5 - Part 2 of 2

Closure or just a party? 
The next morning GaIn and JinHo both come out of their respective bedrooms. When they catch sight of each other, they frown. Both their faces are sprinkled with red dots. “I thought you said it was good for the skin! she cries, looking at the condition of their skin. “Were those rotten eggs?” he wonders in annoyance. She doesn’t know what to do, “And I have my interview today…!”

JinHo is in his office with a damp towel over his face, trying to soothe the inflammation. TaeHoon strolls in, “Youre in earlier than usual today, boss.” JinHo replies suspiciously, “Why are you here so early?” TaeHoon hedges, “I wanted to have a word with you…and…but really, hyung, why are you doing that?” He is referring to the towel on JinHo’s face as the entire time JinHo has been talking to TaeHoon through the cloth. 

Next arrives SangJoon, who is also awed by flaky TaeHoon’s early arrival to work. “Wow, seeing you here at this hour,” he says, “It makes me realize we really must have hung all our fates on this one Dan Art Gallery project!” He’s chuckling at his own humor when he, like TaeHoon, is finding JinHo reclining in his chair with a towel on his face a little distracting. “And now what are you doing over there?” he wants to know. JinHo sighs, “My head hurts so I’m just trying to cool off.” For headaches, SangJoon suggests medicine, not the ineffective remedy of a wet towel over one’s face.

“Ah!” TaeHoon says suddenly, “Hyung, you’re still doing well at Sangojae, right?” JinHo springs out of the chair. “TaeHoon! You—! How did—? What is that supposed to mean!?” He wants an explanation from TaeHoon as to how the younger man knows JinHo has been personally involved with Sangojae. Of course, since TaeHoon has been charged with spying on JinHo by HyeMi, he knows exactly where his boss has been spending his nights. When the towel falls away from JinHo’s face due to his sudden movement, the two men gasp at his tarnished face. “Hey! How can you be getting chicken pox at your age!?” SangJoon hollers in surprise. JinHo assures him it is not chicken pox. 

Wait a minute, TaeHoon says, thinking about Sangojae. Isn’t there supposed to be a single daughter living alone in that house? “What about HyeMe!” he cries at JinHo. “That’s not right, hyung! How can you do that to HyeMi?” JinHo can’t seem to catch a break, every day is a new headache. “It’s not what you think,” he tells him. TaeHoon lectures that if JinHo is trying to get good with the daughter just to score the Dan Art Gallery project, it’s not moral! Their firm can’t do things like this no matter how badly they want to win! SangJoon forcibly ushers TaeHoon out of JinHo’s office.

JinHo goes to the restroom to splash some water on his face. He looks in the mirror and doesn
’t like the man staring back. He remembers GaeIn’s assertion that JinHo is a gift sent to her by her mother from heaven. Guilt pricks at him. Her words “JinHo, let’s stay friends for a very long time” echoes through his mind and it does not sit comfortably on his conscience. TaeHoon, unfortunately, is not completely wrong. Now that GaeIn is developing feelings of friendship towards him, his behavior is dangerously close to being that of yet another betrayal to her. He’s not being honest with her and if he’s honest with himself, he’s beginning to care for her as well and that makes it even worse.

At Director Choi’s office, InHee informs her boss that Professor Park, in England, has successfully been connected on the phone. Director Choi tries to woo the out-of-touch architect to become involved, if even a little, in his gallery project. It must be a curt negative on the other end because the phone call doesn’t last very long and Director Choi tells the other man to call anytime if he changes his mind. “I’ll be waiting,” he tells the other man. InHee asks the obvious, “Another rejection?” Director Choi tells InHee that he needs to make a personal visit to Sangojae.

GaeIn is walking home from yet another failed interview when she spots some old wood chairs being tossed out, broken and mangled in the street. A wood worker through and through, she can’t resist picking them up because the wood is such good quality. She reforms the broken wooden chairs and breathes new life into them. The wood has now become one rather colorful and strange chair. YoungSun is impressed that GaeIn was able to turn someone else
’s trash into a cool new functional furniture piece. It is times like this, she really believes in GaeIn’s talents as a furniture designer. GaeIn then notices the box in YoungSun’s lap. Ah, she has brought a very important thing for her good friend who doesn’t wash regularly: facial cleanser! “With this, let’s wash our face more regularly okay?” YoungSun urges.

YoungSun is pretty surprised that GaeIn had spent her day working on things like making furniture after being turned away at another interview. “What’s the use of lying around feeling sorry for myself?” GaeIn asks logically. YoungSun says it must be nice to be so resilient. GaeIn didn’t really react when InHee stole ChangYul. She didn’t even create much of a fuss when WonHo ran off with her money. Not even the difficult job search is able to bring GaeIn down. Of course, we know that GaeIn does react to these things. The reason why YoungSun doesn
’t know the extent of GaeIn’s pain is because much of her hysteria has so far occured only when JinHo had been around. Not really listening to her friend, GaeIn blurts out, lost in her own thoughts, “The part that really irritates me is, they should have told me I’m not qualified before I get there instead of calling me all the way out there only to pick apart my credentials!” Humph.

YoungSun then brings up her favorite topic: JinHo. Where is he? She brings up the events of the previous day. It seems to YoungSun that GaeIn and JinHo seem closer these days. Is he still acting stuck up? GaeIn smiles shyly, she thinks she must have gotten used to it because she thinks it’s all a part of his charm now, besides, he’s also shown kindness. “And…and…” GaeIn trails off, which gets her friend really suspicious, especially the faraway smile that has strangely manifested on GaeIn’s face. “And what?” YoungSun demands. GaeIn says rather dreamily, “He has this way of saying things out of nowhere, the kind of things that make someone’s heart feel really good.” GaeIn hesitates but admits that he’s even compelled her to say super cheesy, chicken-skin inducing sappy stuff to him about how glad she was that he’s moved in to Sangojae. YoungSun has heard enough. She grabs her friend by the shoulders and gives her a shake, “You can’t, Park GaeIn! Snap out of it!” GaeIn is confused, “What?” YoungSun declares, “I don’t care how vulnerable you are right now, you MUST NOT fall in love with a gay man!” GaeIn thinks YoungSun is completely overreacting.

At Mirae Construction where there are no worries about morality whatsoever, ChangYul is talking with his father about the chances of success in their bid for the Dam Art Gallery project. ChangYul is confused because he was under the impression that Director Choi would make the final decision on the architects for the contract, but if that’s not the case, shouldn’t they focus their attention on Director Choi’s father, the old man behind the scenes? President Han says it seems things were set up the way they were to punch up some authority for his son but in actuality, the real emperor is not Choi, but the man at the top of MS Group. ChangYul is impressed, did his father already make a deal with the MS Group head honcho? President Han laughs wickedly, “An aristocrat like that isn’t so easily managed.” But after this new knowledge, ChangYul’s father is feeling more confident about the whole enterprise. He sneers happily, “People who can’t properly compete should have stayed out of it in the first place.” ChangYul doesn’t know what his father means, neither do we. But President Han’s gleeful laughter keys us in that it won’t be any good for M Construction.

The door bell rings and Director Choi asks GaeIn through the intercom if she’s Professor Park’s daughter. GaeIn informs the stranger that her father is not home. But the guest tells GaeIn that he’s actually here to see her. Inside the house, she freaks out. “What do I do? What do I do? Dad must have sent him!” YoungSun tells her to calm down. Why does she always freak out whenever her dad is mentioned? GaeIn pointedly reminds her how much trouble she’ll be in if her father finds out about the situation she’s in with the house. YoungSun reasons, “GaeIn, how could your father possibly know about any of what’s going on here when he’s all the way in England?”

When she opened the front door, Director Choi is surprised when he recognizes her. He knows this girl! He has seen her twice before. She’s that young architect Jeon JinHo’s friend!  First time was at Kim InHee’s wedding and the second time she had been with JinHo at the barbecue house. GaeIn, of course, having been out of her heartbroken mind in the first instance and drunk off her rocker during the second, does not recognize him at all. He introduces himself and offers her his card which identifies him as the director of the Dam Art Gallery. He asks, “You are Jeon JinHo’s friend, aren
’t you?” Invoking her father’s name may not have gotten him past the door, but she lets her guard down a bit when JinHo’s name is mentioned and he gets invited inside Sangojae.

Over tea, Director Choi notices the colorful chair with the stairs built into the side. “That’s unique looking,” he comments. YoungSun explains that GaeIn salvaged the wood from broken furniture and made the chair as a gift for a dukbboki stand. “That’ll be helpful for the shorter young boys,” Director Choi says approvingly. GaeIn is surprised by his insight as that is the exact reason for the creative design. He’s admiring the chair with a satisfied smile on his face.

After the brief visit, he’s on his way. On the way out, she tells him apologetically, “I’m sorry I can’t be of more help to you. I’m not the kind of daughter that has too much influence with him.” Director Choi says kindly, “When I first saw you that day, you appeared to be someone with a lot of pluck. I guess the same doesn’t apply when it concerns your father.” She’s startled. “You’ve seen me before?” That reminds her of his earlier comment regarding JinHo. And how did you know I was friends with JinHo-sshi?” He smiles secretively, “It looks like we’ll be seeing more of one another in the future, let’s get to know one another later more leisurely. I’ll go for now.” The two women are very confused by the mysterious and enigmatic stranger.

Back at M Construction, JinHo and SangJoon are perplexed as to the reason why MS Group is so interested in Sangojae. There has to be something. But what? They both stare at the sketches JinHo has made of the house. SangJoon says softly, “I wonder…” Pause. JinHo gets serious. SangJoon looks around to make sure no one is lurking. “You’ve heard of it, haven’t you, the story?” JinHo turns to him, very interested, very somber, waiting for the revelation to be shared. “You know, the secret lair in the ground where the ground will split right in half and Robot Taekwon V comes popping out!” 

JinHo stands up in irritation, “Ugh!” 

SangJoon continues with his joke, almost-giggling, “You see, Maruchi and Arachi are living at Sangojae secretly and whenever Professor Park presses this button, you see, Maruchi Arachi* pops right out! Ping!” JinHo shoves an angry finger in SangJoon’s face, “Is this a game to you?” SangJoon is immediately chastised by JinHo’s verbal lashing. “Well…it’s not funny…no...but since we can’t seem to figure it out…I’m just trying to relieve the tension…yeah, hmm, I wonder what it is…” he finishes, smiles gone. He gets all serious and crosses his arms as he refocuses on the sketches. They both sigh heavily.

*Robot Taekwon V is an 80’s Korean cartoon about giant robots, centering around characters named Maruchi and Arachi.

JinHo’s phone rings. It’s GaeIn asking about JinHo’s face. She’s relieved to hear the allergic reaction has faded. “What about the interview?” he asks. She’s contrite, “Rejected, of course.” Her tone is somewhat cheerful, so he criticizes, “Is that something to be brag about?” Of course not, she says, “I’m sorry, even after you put in so much effort to help me, I couldn
’t get the job.” He shrugs it off, “No reason for you to apologize to me.” 

They’re friendly, very casual. Their relationship has really progressed. His voice is mellow, her tone is content. “Are you coming in early today?” she asks.If you do, let’s eat dinner together. YoungSun even brought over some fresh vegetables.” JinHo tells her, Well see. 

SangJoon has overhead it all, as he’s got his ear perched right behind JinHo’s shoulder. He guffaws, “Come home early so we can eat dinner together! If anyone heard the two of you, they would think you were newlyweds!” JinHo scoffs, “Newlyweds—pshaw!” But SangJoon’s not done teasing: “You go home early now. Go home and eat together…and then take a bath together—” he gets caught in another fit of laughter. JinHo isn’t amused. “You’ve lost your mind!” he snaps grumpily. SangJoon just keeps laughing so JinHo does what any person being bullied by the truth does, he makes a quick exit.

In the car on the way home to GaeIn
’s home-cooked meal, he gets a call from InHee. They meet up at a dimly lit, atmospheric bar. She tells him she was leaving work when she remembered his promise to buy her dinner. “I hope I’m not interrupting your busy schedule,” she says. “Of course not,” he tells her but then he recalls GaeIn’s phone call to come home early so they can eat together. He says, “I do apologize but could we just have tea today and dinner another night?” InHee is not okay with that and dangles her carrot. She wants to give him some insider information about the upcoming MS Group party. Knowing what his response will be, she asks, “Don’t you think a cup of tea might not allow us enough time?”

At home, GaeIn has carefully set the table for her meal with JinHo. Even though she’s failed at another interview she’s still in a good mood because she’s looking forward to sharing a meal with JinHo, her new friend. But the minutes melt away into lost hours.She continues to sit and wait.

“My parents passed away when I was a junior in high school,” she’s confiding in JinHo, explaining her relationship with GaeIn in her own way, painting herself as the protagonist. According to her, GaeIn adopted InHee into the Park household. At home, at school, everywhere InHee went, GaeIn followed, constantly asking “what can I do for you? what can I give you?” and over time, GaeIn’s ingratiating attention started to grate on InHee’s nerves. She wanted GaeIn to stop pretending to be such a kind-hearted person. 

In response to the story, JinHo responds matter-of-factly, “She wasn’t pretending to be a kind-hearted person, she just was a kind-hearted person.” InHee pauses at that, but says, “But do you know that feeling? After receiving and receiving, at least once, I wanted to be able to take something from her. After taking something that couldn’t be shared, I wanted to see if she would still act so kind-hearted? Something like that.” She was testing her friend to see how much she was really cherished, a childish game to probe the boundaries of friendship better reservedInHee’s confession, his expression isn’t sympathetic but neither is it unforgiving. He says mildly, “Seems like you’re the fool here.” She is startled by that conclusion. He explains, “Since you betrayed such a good friend that way, you should be happy to the very end, or at least pretend to be without showing the cracks. But here you are, having done something horrible with no gain at all, so you’re the fool.” Yes, perhaps she is the fool, as she has won nothing. She agrees with these words, but adds to his judgement of her situation, “On the other hand, it’s this way as well; because I lost, too, I’m not completely the villain. Or something like that?” Her face is a pretty picture of narcissistic sadness. He doesn’t say anything. “Would you mind if I ordered a drink?” she asks. Her voice lowers, “Today, I feel like I need it.”

GaeIn is pacing outside Sangojae wondering where JinHo is and why he isn’t coming home when the night is getting deeper.

After their dinner is through, JinHo is driving InHee home when a car swerves into his a lane, forcing him to break abruptly. His first instinct is to put a hand out to keep his passenger, InHee, from flying forward. “Are you alright?” he asks, concerned. He mutters under his breath about crazy drivers on the road. InHee
is moved by JinHo’s effortless kindness, his casual decency and chivalry, just as GaeIn had also been touched over the weekend with the incident involving the broken glass. 

“Are you really…unable to love women?” InHee wants to know. He frowns in her direction but offers no answer one way or the other. “But then why...” she wonders aloud, can’t I help but see you as a man?” He doesn’t look at her. He doesn’t respond to her declaration of romantic interest directly, only comments that it seems she’s is feeling the effects of the alcohol.

In the parking garage, ChangYul is coming home just in time to see JinHo drop InHee off. She’s a bit tipsy and JinHo helps her stand. It’s a confidential and intimate scene, to a passerby indicative of more than acutally true, and it makes ChangYul furious. It’s not just another man, it’s JinHo, his greatest rival. ChangYul thinks InHee
s play for JinHo is just an effort to get back at him. ChangYul can’t understand why she’s such a bitch to him when he had genuinely loved her. InHee tells him she wants to start over with a man without having any regrets and while she’s not completely certain yet, she thinks JinHo might be that person. The fact that he’s the complete opposite of ChangYul is good enough for now. After hearing those words, ChangYul tells her it looks like he won’t be able to her go after all. “Because of Jeon JinHo!?” she screams. “That’s why you will never do! Because you’re such a childish idiot who’s willing to throw his entire life away just because of jealously!” She’s screaming at him and ChangYul’s finally had enough. He slaps her hard across the face, enough to leave a red welt. Snickering, she accepts it has her punishment for doing a horrible thing to GaeIn and walks away, her head still lifted high.

JinHo has already moved beyond his dinner conversation with InHee and is now thinking about GaeIn, who he has stood up. Feeling guilty, he stops by a bakery and picks up an assortment of desserts. He laughs at his own actions, “As if she’d actually not eat a dinner just because I’m not there.” But a part of him suspects that is exactly the kind of foolish, sentimental thing Park GaeIn would do. He’s hoping not.

GaeIn is just about to give up on JinHo when he drives up. He squints at her, “No way. Were you out here waiting for me?” She pouts, “I realize you’re busy with your two boyfriends, but couldn’t you at least call to say you were going to eat out? I set the table and even made really delicious bean paste stew for you.” In recognition of her efforts, he suggests, “I don’t know if it tasted any good or not, but let’s just pretend I enjoyed it.
” She doesn’t care for that answer. It was delicious, she mutters. He frowns, “Don’t tell me you starved yourself waiting for me.” She sniffs, “Please! I ate mine and your share both!”

When she notices the bakery bag in his hand, she lunges. He pulls it beyond her reach. “Did you already forget what I taught you? How can a woman be so grabby with food?” She can’t believe he’s being so nasty again when it concerns delicious edible goodies. He holds it high above his head and there’s a glimmer of amusement in his eyes. She snaps, “Are you showing off that you’re so tall!?” He retorts, “Are you proud of your shortness?” She is then betrayed by her stomach, which grumbles so loudly that it’s almost as loud as a baby crying to be fed. Caught!

JinHo takes her out to eat. She sheepishly, but totally happily, says they could have just eaten at home. He calls her bluff, “Should we go home then?” No! She says they shouldn’t waste money, after all, they’ve already ordered. She picks off some fish meat with her fingers and puts it on his rice for him. “Did you even wash your hands?” he complains. “No I didn’t!” she tarts back. If he grosses him out, then don’t eat it, she says, and tries to retrieve the fish meat. He blocks her hand from taking the fish piece back, “No, forget it. I’ll bear it this once and try it your way.”

She asks him, “What were you doing all night long without eating?” He hesitates, and then lies, “I…uh…was busy working.” She tells him she was also busy working in her workshop, she didn’t starve herself because she was waiting for him or anything. In fact, she proclaims, she’s quit doing stupid things like missing meals because she’s waiting for someone! Her face cringes when she realizes what she has just revealed. JinHo’s expression also darkens. “You waited around while missing meals for that jerk ChangYul, too?” He can’t believe a woman who loves food as much as she does would hang up her self-respect that way. “That’s why I’m working hard to learn from you,” she promises. He tells her to stop pretending repentance and eat up. She nods and starts passionately eating again. JinHo doesn’t eat. He just watches her. His expression is…troubled.

After dinner, they’re walking home. He’s got his hands in his pockets. He jerks away a little when she involuntarily grabs his arm, so happy she
’s oblivious to his awkwardness. He’s clearly aware of her nearness. She’s bumping shoulders with him as they walk. She laughs, “Thank you for the meal! I feel like a pig who’s stomach is about to pop!” JinHo chides, “You shouldn’t say things like that so easily in front of a man.” She huffs, “Always nagging.” As they walk side by side, they are cozy and close.

GaeIn spies a happy couple on a street bench wrapped in each other’s arms. She wonders, “JinHo-sshi, if the project to make me over into a real woman works, do you think I’ll ever be able to love again?” She looks up at him, innocent and hopeful. She looks quite beautiful in the soft night light, the wind blowing through her hair. GaeIn is the prettiest when her sincerity shines through. JinHo looks away from her upturned face and clears his throat. He can
t pull out any kind of right answer for her.

A moment later, GaeIn sees something familiar. It’s a strength-measuring punching bag. She recalls another night, just like that one, but she was with ChangYul back then. In a flashback, ChangYul is saying playfully, “GaeIn, this is the best for relieving stress! Go for it! Give it a good whack!” He’s affectionate with her and they’re having a great time. Their chemistry seems real, as does their relationship. 

Back with JinHo, she asks for some change so she can play. She repeats what ChangYul once said to her, “JinHo-sshi, this is the best for relieving stress!” He gripes that he paid for dinner but she still wants to squeeze more money out of him. But he gives her the fifty cents. She starts hitting. She thinks of the night ChangYul dumped her. It is still raw, the memory of him telling her that it had not been love for him, only pity for a wet dog. Every whack becomes more violent and emotional and JinHo finally intervenes, “That’s enough.” She wants to hit it a few more times, she thinks it’ll make her feel better. JinHo doesn’t think her anger will be released because she hits a street machine, she needs to find closure with ChangYul. GaeIn doesn’t see the point in confronting ChangYul, after all, she’s just a worthless individual who wants to take a moment to vent some anger. 

JinHo sighs heavily. He finds himself getting more and more emotionally invested than he wants to be. “Then what is it that you want, GaeIn-sshi? What do you need to do to put all of this behind you?” She doesn’t know. They are both frustrated by her answer. JinHo doesn’t know why, but her inability to move on has become his problem, too.

JinHo decides to take matters into his own hands. “Do you have time this Saturday?” he asks. “Make time. I have somewhere to take you. It’s a party. That ChangYul jerk will be there, too. That night, show him you are not the worthless Park GaeIn that he remembers. Prove to him that you’re living just fine without him.”

Before the event, he takes her shopping to find a cocktail dress. They try a string of horrible looks, none of them at all appealing on her. The one that JinHo ultimately buys for her is not revealed. GaeIn is so happy to be going to a party, it is something she has always wanted to do. JinHo advises her not to expect too much and definitely not to create trouble on that night. 

He also takes her to a salon, one that he has remodeled in the past. The owner is a flamboyant stylist who appears to have a crush on JinHo. He’s admonishes JinHo for not visiting more often. The stylist can’t believe that the frumpy GaeIn is JinHo’s friend. While she gets her hair done, JinHo is smiling.

Saturday night comes quick. JinHo and GaeIn stand just outside the event entryway. “Are you ready?” JinHo asks. She gives a weak answer. “Don’t worry, just trust me.” She rests her hand in the crook of his offered arm. They walk in and they both look gorgeous. 

Both InHee and ChangYul notice them right away and they can’t hide their shock and…disappointment for InHee, disbelief for ChangYul.

“You two know each other!?” ChangYul is sputtering. “How did…how did you come here with him?” GaeIn says hesitantly, but coolly, “Obviously because…we’re close enough.” JinHo almost-smiles. SangJoon comes up to his boss and lays some flattery on him, “No matter what you wear, you always look killer!” Then he tosses JinHo some congratulatory winking for bringing such a pretty date. When GaeIn says hello, he’s shocked to realize it’s the Sangojae wierdo girl. “Oh, you look completely different! Very good!” he compliments. She smiles happily, “Even with just a little effort, I’m the type that cleans up really well!” JinHo is also happy that she’s being received so well.

ChangYul pulls InHee aside. He wants to know how long JinHo and GaeIn have been so chummy. InHee, dealing with her own jealousy over GaeIn’s arrival with her new target, tells ChangYul he’s pathetic for being so obvious. Now that someone else in interested in GaeIn, does he regret what he did?

JinHo and GaeIn have gone over to say hello to Director Choi, who comments to JinHo, “I see you’ve brought your friend as your partner for the evening.” GaeIn smiles, “We meet again.” This surprises JinHo. A little worried, he starts, “How do you two…?” Director Choi explains he was rejected by GaeIn’s father again, Professor Park, to work with him on this new project and in an effort to try everything in his power to make it happen, he had gone searching for the daughter, who turned out to be GaeIn.

InHee comes over to pull JinHo away from InHee, under the guise of business mingling. JinHo is worried about leaving GaeIn by herself but she whispers to him that she’ll behave and will remember all his lessons. Director Choi offers to keep GaeIn company while JinHo conducts the requisite socializing. Walking away, SangJoon wonders what GaeIn did to get so lucky as JinHo’s choice for partner for these kinds of things have always been his mother. JinHo replies it was nothing, “She was bored so I brought her, that’s all.”

While her date is away, Director Choi tells GaeIn that Jeon JinHo might be more valuable than even originally thought, in regards to his cause with her father, since he has such a close relationship with her family. She contradicts him, “It’s not like that at all. JinHo-sshi didn’t even know who my father was when we met and we’ve only become friends recently.” Director Choi is thoughtful, “Oh, really?”

In the parking garage, TaeHoon has brought HyeMi to the party in an effort to set her up as JinHo’s partner for the night. “Why do you drive so slow? The party’s already been going on for over an hour!” she complains, carefully maneuvering in her bright yellow gown. “It was the traffic!” TaeHoons defends himself then compliments her all in the same breath, “Even though you took a really long time to do your hair and your make-up, I’m sure it was worth it. I’m positive you’ll be the most beautiful woman here!”

Director Choi is very charitable with GaeIn. Whether he truly enjoys her company or is manipulating his advantage in an effort to gain ground with her father, there is no betrayal of his true motives. He tells GaeIn that he is looking to develop a children’s resting area in the Dam Art Galley and after seeing GaeIn’s chair, thought she would be the perfect person to oversee the project. Caught up in hyperventilating happiness, she drains two full glasses of wine within minutes. She clarifies, “So you want me to design furniture for this children’s area at your gallery!?” She is beyond thankful when he confirms it.

’s soaring over the moon by the time JinHo returns to her side. He apologizes for his partner who has monopolized too much of Director Choi’s time. Director Choi says he had some important things discuss with GaeIn anyway. JinHo worriedly wants to know what kind of important things Director Choi could possibly have to discuss with GaeIn…but before GaeIn can share news of the job opportunity, TaeHoon and HyeMi come loudly charging in. “JinHo oppa!” HyeMi is calling for him. She scolds him when she reaches him, grabbing his arm, “Do you know how embarrassing it is for you to come to a party like this without a partner?!” 

Director Choi says dryly, very amused by JinHo’s popularity, “It looks as if you have two partners for tonight.” HyeMi doesn’t understand the two partner comment until she notices GaeIn. “Who are you?”

SangJoon tries to pull HyeMi away but she isn’t leaving JinHo’s side. Oblivious to the fact that there is an audience, she grabs JinHo’s arm possessively, “Oppa, what’s going on?” Director Choi senses the time has arrived to exit the scene. After saying he’ll see GaeIn later at the gallery (JinHo looks very worried), the older man departs. SangJoon hisses at JinHo, “Oh no, Director Choi might think you’re a two-timer, too!”

“What are you doing here?” JinHo demands of HyeMi. TaeHoon says he brought her to the party thinking JinHo didn’t have anyone for a partner. JinHo tries to take HyeMi outside when she keeps asking about GaeIn. When JinHo asks GaeIn to excuse him for a moment, HyeMi flips out, “Are you actually interested in this woman!?” GaeIn, who has had two glasses of wine in too short a time span, bemoans the fact that this poor girl is in love with JinHo without knowing The Truth. JinHo senses what GaeIn is going to blurt out again and leans in, “Park GaeIn-sshi, please don’t talk your nonsense here—” She shoves him away from her and again, GaeIn is about to do the unthinkable in public. “How long are you going to keep hiding this!?” she yells. He tries again to calm her down but she has a low tolerance for alcohol and she
’s wildly worked up with indignation. “In a situation like this,” she says, voice rising even more, “you have to settle your affairs! I already told you how painful heartbreak can be for a person! This girl—” The words from GaeIn are so vague, it sounds as if GaeIn is referring to a secret love affair between JinHo and herself.

Having heard enough from the JinHo-stealer, HyeMi grabs the nearest glass of water and throws it in GaeIn’s face!

End of episode 5 recap of Personal Taste! Man, I love this drama.

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  1. hehe... actually going through the episode once more by reading your recaps makes it even more funny. part 1 was definitely hilarious with sang joon pretending and enjoying the situation a bit too much! and gae in's misunderstandings are hilarious... part 2 was still funny but it had more of a serious vibe. anyways, lee min ho's looks is usually not of my type but i can't help but find him seriously attractive here. and gaein is too gullibly cute. and you're right inhee and changyul ARE complex.. just plain selfish for both and wussy for the later. although i have to give it to inhee. she IS pretty. anyways, thanks for the recap! see you on the next one if you get to see it by sunday!


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