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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Recommendation: Never Let Me Go (published in 2005)

[not kdrama related...
...but totally worth dishing]

The darker side of humanity
This is a piece of literary genius that still haunts me. Yes, yes, I do tend to speak and write in superlatives, but when I say I consider this a beautiful piece of storytelling and work of outstanding depth and poignancy—hence literary genius—I acknowledge it is a grandiose compliment but honestly, this little gem is not undeserving of the praise. I first read this in 2005 when it was first published, by Japanese-British writer Kazuo Ishiguro, and in fact own a first edition copy of the book, which I hope to one day have signed by Ishiguro himself (hey, it could happen). At the time of first publication, the premise of the book was especially relevant to current events, as a new scientific technology was making headlines in the national news as well. I won’t name the underlying conflict less I ruin the book for any potential readers out there but this novel defies genre classification (is it science fiction? literary fiction?). The ideas explored in Never Let Me Go reach beyond simply being about events, but serve as a spring board for a discussion about our society in general and the way we define humanity. And, perhaps, even a look at the way our society teaches and cultivates cruelty, using science as a extension of our ego.

I’d heard rumblings of a movie adaptation years ago, and today we have come to a point where an actual theatrical trailer is now available for public consumption. Initially, I was nervous about this book becoming a film. After seeing the trailer, I’m tentatively hopeful the movie will do the book justice, but seeing the trailer also had me reflecting on the story all over again and…I think movie or no movie, whether or not it is a good adaptation or not, I’m just glad this quiet but powerful story is being opened to a broader audience. It definitely deserves a read at least once. And if you are not familiar with Ishiguro’s writing style, it is beautiful, understated prose. Check it out!

Update (posted 11/1/2010):
Watched the theatrical adaptation. While a decent try, I have to say, I did not think it did the book justice.


  1. ooohhh! a BOOK recommendation!!
    definitely on my to read list now! thanks for this! ill read it after im done with my summer finals TT


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