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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photospasm: SungkyunKwan's Yoo AhIn

Why? Because I am totally feelinSungkyunkwan Scandal and it’s an awesome drama...but mostly because it’s my blog and, well, I can be as totally lame as I want!

...how cute are these two BFFs together?

...and my personal favorite (for now).

Snow capped mountains, glaciers, and kids ice creams all...
Melt. Melt. Melt.


  1. *satisfied sigh*
    i know i said i would only comment on ur final review but i didnt see this AWESOME post coming!
    more yoo ah in? i know I'm not complaining...XD
    that last pic is precious.
    and i want more yonghaxjaeshin!!!
    this drama is seriously trying to kill me with candy overload. i feel brain dead after each scandal session. MELT.

  2. speaking of eye-candy... have u seen the new promotional picture for daesung's drama what's up?
    o_O boy did he work out...

  3. agree. the ending was killer! daewoong has finally stepped up! (and about time). and it might be my love for eye candy but like scandal's insoo, i can't hate dongjoo completely... i hate him for not caring about daewoong's death but i guess when u live thousand of yrs, humans' death don't matter to you. it'll hurt otherwise. look at me making excuses. XD
    anyways, gumiho seriously has one of the most cutest couple EVER!

  4. Daesungie is such a sweetie, I'm always almost-shocked by how totally buff he is! Such a contradiction, although a delightful one. Disclaimer: I'm not saying that nice guys can't be buff.

  5. Thank you for your new category and post.

    Oh, Yoo Ah In...He has the most luscious full lips I've ever seen. HIs lips are the right shape, size, color, always look soft and moist and never puffy, never pouty. I can't help stare at his lips. *blush*


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