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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Photospasm: Sungkyunkwan Picture Journal - Bless The Credits Pt 1 of 3

Can you blame me? This drama was gorgeous.

Sooooooooooo, I finally found the time to finish Sungkyunkwan Scandal...and at the the risk of giving away the meat of my not-yet-written review...oh, what the heck, why be coy, obviously, I loved it. 

There were some great shots of the drama provided when the credits started to roll...and since I am having a hard time letting this drama go...I am going to indulge in some embarrassing photospasming. ^^ 

Here we go! (As always, select image to make larger)

Gorgeous, non? I want to add, even though the decade long best buds were my favorites, I am not deliberately trying single out Yoo AhIn and Song JoongKi for extra pictoral featuring...they simply had the clearest shots during the credits!

Go to Part 2
Go to Part 3

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