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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1% of Anything (2003)

1% of Anything
1%의 어떤 것  / Something About 1%

(Jul – Dec 2003)

who’s in it
Kang DongWon (Duelist – film, Temptation of Wolves - film)
Kim JungHwa (Snow White)
Han HyeJin (Be Strong, Geum Soon!)

what’s it about
A kind-hearted but meddling grandfather (also rich and head of a large company) deems the only way to get his heir-apparent on the right track and turn him into a decent human being is finding the right woman to fix him up. The bad tempered grandson, played by Kang DongWon, is understandably incensed by this new marriage clause placed upon his inheritance. He’s in complete disbelief when the old man declares Kim JungHwa to be the qualifier, the ultimate prize: marry her, score the family fortune. Unfortunately, Kim JungHwa is as good-natured as Kang DongWon is bad-natured. In order to get the old man off his back and inherit, Kang DongWon grudgingly agrees to the farce…even commuting from the city to the countryside to “date” the elementary school teacher. When the farce turns into real love, they encounter obstacles they hadn’t foreseen. While Kang DongWon’s grandfather is up for the match, no one else seems to see it the old man’s way.

26 episodes


wildcard factor
A bright but mundane drama that didn’t hit any obvious wrong notes but missed the right ones, too.

after the first episode
Kang DongWon and Kim JungHwa appeared to have some chemistry together and were kinda sorta adorable. While the situation was extremely contrived, even by drama standards, and dangerously close to being too ridiculous to be true, it was harmlessly enjoyable to watch, especially for a Kang DongWon fan such as I.

So feathery light, this romantic comedy could have floated away into oblivion—it was that weightless.

cheap wrap-up:
(longer review would be excessive)

is it worth trying to find?
Not really, to be honest

total enjoyment factor 

total disdain factor

why this review is completely biased
I like Kang DongWon (who doesn’t?). I really enjoyed him in the films Temptation of the Wolves (despite the incest storyline) and Duelist.

could a non-kdrama fan like this

It’s an easy watch. You won’t hate it, but I’m pretty sure you won’t love it either.

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