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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Propose (1997)


(Jun – Jul 1997)

who’s in it
Ryu ShiWon (Style, Secret)
Kim HeeSun (Tomato, Bichunmoo – film)
Lee ChangHoon (Yi San)
Won Bin (Autumn Fairytale, Mother – film)

what’s it about
This oldie is about four young professionals trying to figure out the fine line that separates platonic love from a romantic one. What kind of love is better, the comfortable kind borne from a long friendship or the fluttering kind that attacks with instant attraction? Kim HeeSun is a cheery and breezy gal (profession: puppeteer) who has considered easy and warmish Ryu ShiWon (profession: director) her best friend since childhood—emphasis on friend. When stuffy-shirt Lee ChangHoon accidents his way into Kim HeeSun’s artistic heart by being the type of serious, corporate type she’s never known in her life, Ryu ShiWon begins to realize the gal pal he’s known all his life may be more than just a friend for him…but struggles with the possibility that his chance at loveboat happiness with her has already sailed.

14 episodes


wildcard factor
90’s hair and fashion – it’s pretty old, after all. The drama will definitely feel dated for the modern kdrama fan, but still, there is a charm to this one, so just be prepared for the travel back in time.

after the first episode
Kim HeeSun was gorgeous and was supposed to play a wild spirit (they even gave her a red streak in her hair to clue us into her artsy-fartsyness, heh) and Ryu ShiWon likewise was an attractive free spirit. She was totally worthy of a girl-crush. The couple was believable as long-time friends confused about the sudden shift in their relationship.

cheap wrap-up:
(longer review would be excessive)

is it worth trying to find?
If possible

total enjoyment factor 

total disdain factor

why this review is completely biased
I actually like both Kim HeeSun and Ryu ShiWon. Nothing recent of theirs comes to mind as favorites, but back in the day, I hear they were hot stuff. I think Ryu ShiWon is really successful singing in Japan these days. Anyway, I have a huge soft spot for childhood friends/best friends falling in love stories. They are just so sweet.

could a non-kdrama fan like this

It’ll take some effort to find this one…but I thought it was fairly enjoyable. It was a precurser to the trendy romantic comedies popular now, before they were trendy or popular. Long before the start of the explosion of popularity for all things Korean, aka the “Hallyu Wave.” Although, come to think of it, I think both Kim HeeSun and Ryu ShiWon had their own share of international popularity so maybe they can be considered a part of that wave? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. 

Another interesting aside is the fact that Won Bin is in it. He featured here as Kim HeeSun’s hot neighbor who showed up occasionally to bask in glowing sunlight, looking pretty and imparting nuggets of wisdom. It was truly bizarre, but well, who really cares? It’s friggin’ Won Bin! No complaints here.


  1. where can i watch this?...i can't find it ANYWHERE

  2. It truly is nowhere on the net. I really want to watch it. Does anyone know where to find it?

  3. Yes, I really can't find this anywhere. Not on dramafever or viki or anywhere.. Help!


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