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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Take Care of My Lady (2009)

Take Care of My Lady
아가씨를 부탁해

(Aug – Oct 2009)

who’s in it
Yoon EunHye (Goong, 1st Shop of Coffee Prince)
Yoon SangHyun (Queen of Housewives)
Jung IlWoo (Return of Iljimae)
Moon ChaeWon (Shining Inheritance)

what’s it about
Yoon SangHyun will try anything for money—whether it be preachin’ or playing the gigolo. He has a lot of debt and the loan sharks are out to get him. As for his domestic situation, he lives with Moon ChaeWon and her mother. What he doesn’t realize is that Moon, a good friend who he considers his little sister, is actually madly in love with him, made so obvious by the I-Secretly-Love-You googly eyes she shoots his way all the time. He’s a good guy but his debt problem is…well, a problem. When a Rich Grandfather wants to hire him to teach his Granddaughter Heir some manners, Yoon SangHyun takes the job with one eye on the prize: $$$. If the rich little girlie falls for him, that’s a big score! The young lady in question is none other than Yoon EunHye, essentially playing a Korean derivative of Paris Hilton.

Now, newly installed as her personal assistant-butler-chauffeur-babysitter, Yoon SangHyun forces and cajoles his way into her daily decision making and actually manages to have a positive effect on her personality. He’s feeling pretty good about his successes with her, that is until she asks him to take on the role of dating coach to woo a smart, non-profit civil rights lawyer played by Jung IlWoo, a man clearly not a part of her fashion and celebrity world. He’s out of her league (in that she’s not exactly book-smart or interested in human rights) but Yoon EunHye is immediately smitten by the handsome advocate precisely because he’s so out of her expertise. As formula would have it, when this main rival enters the picture, our leading man starts to question his own heart…and I imagine the answer is obvious to us all.

16 episodes


wildcard factor
Is the happy afterglow from 1st Shop of Coffee Prince still shining on you? Even farther back, how about Goong? What I’m asking is: how much do you love Yoon EunHye? How long have you been waiting for her comeback?

after the first episode
Oy vey. This is…painful to watch. How terribly disappointing.

gave up
Well, I am a fan of Yoon EunHye…or rather, I’ve enjoyed her previous works.

But here…this…no, this just isn’t it.

As for the other actors? I did not care for Yoon SangHyun. Or Jung IlWook. Ok, I’ll concede that Moon ChaeWon was a little cute, but by a very teeny allowance. Now, I’m not saying the actors were bad, not at all. This was an obnoxiously obvious case of bad writing. None of the characters made any sense and they didn’t behave in an any sensible manner. The word POINTLESS comes to mind. To make things worse, they had no spice. What do I mean by spice? According to Merriam-Webster: something that gives zest or relish. I found this drama neither zestful nor worth relishing. It was like having a hotdog without ketchup or mustard or onions or chili or sauerkraut…yes, I can rattle off an endless litany of condiments for baseball’s favorite munchie (or sidewalk snackie on your way out of the clubs)—but don’t worry, I’m stopping at sauerkraut. I’d venture to say even the actors must have been flummoxed by the inanity of the story they were forced to deliver.

This was a definite pass. I don’t even have much interest in citing detailed reasons why it was a bust. If you don’t believe me, I guess you’ll just have to check it out. This one I’m pretty confident most people will NOT award a gold sticker, not even a silver one for effort.

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