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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photospasm: Sungkyunkwan's Song JoongKi

Well, now it’s Song JoongKi’s turn to feel the love! I’ve decided to go with a theme for this spasm. Instead of going straight for his prettiness, I thought I’d do a pictorial truer to his character. Here’s a showcasing of JoongKi’s most adorably silly expressions (as always, click on image to see it larger):

He pulled so many great faces...a handful just didn’t seem enough. More:

And...since he’s more than just a cute puppy that likes to play pranks...here’s a dreamy one.


  1. yaya for the photospasms!
    and even with his expressions, sjk is SO pretty!
    countdown to scandal.. 3 days. too long for me.
    as for baker, happy ending! me happy! looking forward to your review.

  2. skks is today!
    ive found this fanvid that's really cute and shows the chemistry between the f4 v.2. haha. trying to fill my time until it airs. XD


  3. Oh my, this is too adorable! I see a million inappropriate fanfics launching from this vid! Loved it. Thanks for sharing =)

  4. XD ur welcome... cute right? i found it as i was searching for more of jaeshin's fv and she had several and then this mv.
    my fav part would be the heart sent by yong ha to jaeshin. i dont know why but the broken heart sent back included. um...um... ok, ur right. inappropriate fanfics are looming on the horizon..
    anyways, it already bugged (more like pained actually)since the beginning that jae shin's going to suffer. NOT FAIR... and totally unrealistic. i CANNOT wait for tomorrow's ep, the sole reason being his hiccups. kya! but as far as i'm concerned, yoonshik can go with micky all she wants as long as my JS doesnt get hurt and then yongha and jaeshin can stay BBF. perfect. problem solved.haha.

  5. someone called jaeshin a "badass sweetheart"
    i think it fits him well so wanted to share. XD
    (yay! finally managed a short comment in a long while)


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