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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

REWATCH: Personal Taste - Ep 9 - Part 2 of 2

Crisscrossed...or just crossdressing lovers...
We swivel back to the home office where SangJoon is circling the floor, arms crossed, staring at nothing and pacing. He murmurs to himself, “I feel uneasy…this makes me very uneasy…” TaeJoon is about to hit happy hour (ok, probably not) when he notices SangJoon’s behavior and asks, “Aren’t you going home? Why are you doing that? You’re making me dizzy.” Metaphorically snapping his fingers in his head, SangJoon points those fingers at the other man, “You—come with me to Sangojae.” TaeHoon is confused, why would they go there this late at night? Does JinHo need something from them? When SangJoon explains, TaeHoon is against the idea. He wants no part of SangJoon’s Late Hour Sangojae Espionage. They struggle all the way to the car, with SangJoon yanking on a uncooperative TaeHoon.

At that inopportune moment, HyeMi has turned the corner toward them, presumably to visit JinHo at the office. She catches the odd tug of war between SangJoon and TaeHoon, and yes, it really does look like a couple bickering. She wonders if SangJoon could really be gay. The situation could certainly look more than a tad compromising to a bystander. And like any halfway decent obsessive stalker girl with lots of time on her hands and a bone to chew, she decides to tail SangJoon and TaeHoon. What could they possibly be up to at this late hour? Even this dull doll can sense there’s some sneaky sneaking going on between the two well-dressed dudes.

Pulling up outside Sangojae, ChangYul is whining. He can’t believe GaeIn—of the voracious appetite GaeIn—is actually declining dinner. He says in concern, “You’re so exhausted that you can’t even eat?” GaeIn weakly agrees. ChangYul worries that she’s traumatized from the lumber yard accident and suggests taking some medicinal tonic, which he’ll go fetch tomorrow. GaeIn is dismissive, but before she can get out of the car, ChangYul brings up the subject of Weasel Father. “Don’t misunderstand,” he pleads, “I didn’t come back to you because of my father. You have to believe me on that at least.” GaeIn doesn’t see why she should have to believe anything he says on faith. ChangYul argues that if all he ever wanted was to date a famous architect’s daughter, he would never have broken up with her in the first place. GaeIn counters, “Maybe it’s because your father’s company suddenly needs help from my father.”

Considering their history, no matter how sincere ChangYul’s words are at this moment, they don’t hold a candle to GaeIn’s suspicions and distrust. “I can’t force myself to trust you,” GaeIn says angrily. ChangYul gives in, “Alright, I’ll stop making excuses. If you don’t trust me, you don’t have to.” GaeIn tells him she’s too tired to continue this old argument and goes inside. The words “damnit damnit damnit” can almost be seen popping in thought bubbles above his head. He notices the bouquet of roses GaeIn has ditched on the passenger seat. It is clearly symbolic of how little she thinks of his feelings for her.

Next car up outside of the ever-popular night spot called Sangojae is sneaky SangJoon’s. Parked, the debate continues inside between the two men. TaeHoon blurts out, “Hyung, are you sure you’re not insane?” SangJoon retorts back, “I am! If I wasn’t insane, would I even think to do something like this?” TaeHoon wants to turn back, but SangJoon reminds him of how important this Dam Gallery project is for the future of their fledgling little firm. TaeHoon stands on his moral code and refuses, in fact, he can’t believe that either JinHo or SangJoon would stoop this low to take advantage of an innocent woman and make a complete fool out of her. SangJoon defends, “Hey you, how is taking a few pictures making someone out to be a fool?” TaeHoon snits, “Whatever, whatever, JinHo can do it when he gets here, he’s the one who lives here anyway.”

The two men continue their circular argument about the covert ops into Sangojae…when someone raps on the driver side window. Both their eyes bulge at the sight of HyeMi’s smiling face. SangJoon slowly rolls down his window and it’s ominous—that look of glee on the young girl’s face. She announces, “So this was it? The place where JinHo-oppa is living?” Her fake smile disappears into a mean sneer and she trudges off, clearly intending to bang on the front door. The two boys panic and forcibly drag her into SangJoon’s car. “Why are the two of you doing this!?” she howls, struggling between them. “Are you hiding something from me?” Just as they are denying it, GaeIn steps outside to take out the trash.

HyeMi stick out her index finger and sputters, “That woman—!” SangJoon and TaeHoon both grab HyeMi’s head and they all duck low in the car. HyeMi is furious, “That’s the woman from the party! No way, JinHo-oppa is living with that woman!?”

No, no, no, no, the boys assure her like a prayer mantra. With a highly agitated HyeMi on their hands, SangJoon finds his “crazy place” and freaks out, “They’re not in that kind of a relationship! THEY’RE NOT! THEY’RE NOT! THEY’RE NOT!” He starts pounding the car seat and doing a pretty darn excellent impression of a madman. Both HyeMi and TaeHoon stop their own fits and gape at SangJoon’s berserk act. SangJoon manic whispers to TaeHoon, “You take her home. I’m going to take care of this by myself!” He looks like a total nutter, even in his cute conservative pink cardigan.

After weaseling inside, SangJoon is apologizing to GaeIn for intruding so late at night but JinHo has left a very important document at the house, which needs to be collected right away. GaeIn directs him to JinHo’s room and says he can wait for JinHo there but SangJoon asks if he might look around Sangojae while waiting, since he’s already there and all. He tells her a lie about how its always been his dream to live in a house like Sangojae, with a foxy wife and bunny-cute children. “You’re dream!?” GaeIn says in complete disbelief, because, of course, lest you’ve forgotten, as SangJoon has, he’s supposed to be gay. SangJoon quickly realizes his mistake and corrects, “My mother’s dream…one that I can’t ever fulfill for her.” He digs deep and pulls out some fake tears and wins some sympathy points from GaeIn. She ponders aloud that she’d never stopped to consider how hard it must be for SangJoon as well. She’d only been thinking about JinHo’s feelings all this time. SangJoon weepily asks for some calming tea.

When JinHo finally comes home, the mood is immediately one of awkwardness and disappointment between JinHo and GaeIn, due to the InHee misunderstanding. Eagle-eyed JinHo notices the pair of man’s shoes and asks who’s visiting. It’s SangJoon, she replies. He is, of course, nowhere to be seen, as he is off snooping and taking pictures.

“What are you doing?” JinHo hisses when he finds SangJoon slinking around in a cranny of Sangojae. Stealthy Spy SangJoon replies, “Isn’t it obvious? I’m working.” JinHo wants SangJoon to stop, but his friend doesn’t understand this new sissy behavior of JinHo’s. Isn’t this why he moved into the house in the first place? Does he really have feelings for GaeIn? Why is he getting personal issues confused with business ones? “That’s right, I don’t know what’s business and what’s personal anymore,” JinHo snaps back. SangJoon again reminds JinHo how important this project is for their company, to which JinHo retorts, “Why do I need to cause pain to someone else just so I can get what I want?” SangJoon doesn’t understand how this will be such a huge hurt for GaeIn. “You really don’t know?” JinHo asks, explaining that if GaeIn learns why he moved into Sangojae, it would be her second major betrayal by someone close to her. SangJoon truly can’t fathom the extent of JinHo’s feelings for GaeIn. “Can you really give up your entire career for one woman?” Before JinHo can answer the troubling question, they hear GaeIn’s voice calling in the distance looking for SangJoon. Stealthy Spy makes a quick dash out of sight.

GaeIn finds JinHo looking depressed, standing by himself in the dark. She wonders if the two lovers are in a the middle of a tiff (she means JinHo and SangJoon). When JinHo answers in the affirmative, she asks why. JinHo braces himself and admits that he has some new for her. He gets ready to tell her the truth—but GaeIn interrupts that she doesn’t want to hear it, thinking it’s about InHee. “What exactly do you think I’m going to say?” JinHo asks, annoyed. He grabs her as she turns away. “Even if you don’t want to hear it, you have to. If I don’t do this today, I may never be able to tell you.” He takes a breath, “I—the reason I moved into Sangojae is because—”

Meeeeow. Meeeeeeeeeeeeow. Meeeow.

The couple both turn toward the strange sound. SangJoo appears brightly, “GaeIn, do you have cats? I saw the cutest kitten a while ago. It kind of resembled you!” She is cleverly distracted by the idea of a lost cat starving in her house. JinHo is standing stiffly beside her, probably both relieved and frustrated by SangJoon’s meddling. “Please, don’t say a word, not a word!” SangJoon hisses pleadingly when GaeIn has gone in search of the kitty. He tells JinHo if he continues this ruinous path to bearing his soul, SangJoon is going to bite his own tongue and die right then and there. A little over-dramatic, but he gets his point across to JinHo. One frustrated young architect has been convinced to keep his secret. Albeit unhappily.

Well, the stone named HyeMi that was thrown into the lake earlier that night definitely has ripples. She’s been brought back home by TaeHoon, but not quietly. Oh no, not this one. She’s crying her big eyes and bigger lungs out. JinHo’s mother is naturally concerned over all this sudden ruckus, “HyeMi, what’s wrong?” When HyeMi blurts out that JinHo is cohabitating with a woman, TaeHoon falls to the floor on his knees and simultaneously begs for forgiveness and rats JinHo out: “JinHo is really pitiful! That neat and tidy person has been doing unconscionable things while living with a woman just to succeed!” JinHo’s mother is completely baffled, “What does that mean? What does succeeding and living with a woman have to with one other?” HyeMi decides she must take it upon herself to find out definitively what’s going on in that house.

At the house in question, the tension is so thick, it’s not a pink elephant, it’s a pink dinosaur in the room. JinHo and GaeIn are still smarting from the misunderstanding on the night of the Lumber Yard InHee Overnighter Affair. Suffice it to say, GaeIn is especially sore about learning of JinHo’s lying—well, she thinks he lied anyway. From her point of view, he fibbed about working in order to spend time with InHee. She recalls InHee’s intimate questions for JinHo about their overnight stay, and cattily remarks, “You must be really busy to bring home your work…or just pretending to be busy.”

At her less than solicitous remark, JinHo recalls the flower exchanging between ChangYul and GaeIn and in his usual brilliant flat sarcasm, tosses back, “Congratulations—on becoming the kind of woman who even receives flowers from men.” She snaps back that it’s just a game, why is he making it out to be more than it is? JinHo comments that her oh-so-touched expression looked like something else. He doubts she’ll be able to stop the charade when the time comes. “When you say ‘game over,’ I’ll end it right then and there,” she defends. JinHo counters coldly, “That’s not my business. Whether or not to end it, that up to you, Park GaeIn.” Since GaeIn isn’t completely sure where JinHo’s sudden hostility is coming from (I mean, isn’t she the one who should be angry?), he wins the verbal round. She’s the one left standing there stunned, more hurt by his cold dismissal of her than his lie of where he’d spent the night.

In the safety of his own bedroom, JinHo is muttering in annoyance with himself, “Why are you being so childish, Jeon JinHo?” He knows he’s being petty, knows GaeIn has a right to her anger, but he can’t stop that jealous feeling. His phone starts ringing. When he sees “Kim InHee” on his caller-id, he yanks the battery out of his phone in irritation. InHee, however, is not the kind of cactus thorn to be so easily pulled out and so she calls GaeIn, who’s phone starts ringing while she’s in the wood workshop. “Are you home?” InHee asks when GaeIn answers. “I thought maybe you’d be on a date with ChangYul.” InHee wants GaeIn to give the phone to JinHo. GaeIn is annoyed but she really isn’t the type to just hang up on someone, no matter how deserving.

GaeIn knocks on the bathroom door where JinHo is washing off his temper. She holds out her phone, “It’s InHee. Sounds urgent.” JinHo doesn’t take the phone, he simply continues wiping his hands with his towel. When GaeIn continues to stand there, JinHo finally takes the cell. “Yes,” he says into the phone, only to hear InHee apologizing. She knows he’s avoiding her calls but she hates being alone and wanted to at least hear his voice…JinHo’s exasperation is definitely edging toward pissed off. “I’m hanging up,” he says and promptly hangs up. (Yeah!)

When he comes out, GaeIn is waiting outside for her phone. JinHo is just as annoyed as GaeIn. “Are you that clueless? Can’t you tell that I didn’t answer her calls because I didn’t want to answer?” GaeIn lashes back, “How am I supposed to know that!?” JinHo scoffs, “Even if you are that clueless, do you really want to do these kinds of phone errands? Even after being betrayed by Kim InHee the way you were?” GaeIn is trying not to be childish (unlike JinHo, actually) and logically argues that her relationship with InHee is on the outs, yes, but she doesn’t know what kind of relationship JinHo has with her. She blurts out defensively, “The two of you spent the night together at her house—”

JinHo immediately looks guilty. Surprised, he asks hesitantly, “H-How did you know that?” She replies that she heard by chance and turns away, but turns back to say, “Just because you and I are friends doesn’t mean that you can’t have a relationship with InHee. She’s an important person at Dam Art Gallery and someone who could be of great help to you…in the future, she may even become someone more important to you than me, how can I just ignore that call?”

She stomps into her work shed and starts violently pounding her hammer. JinHo follows her and grabs her haphazardly hammering hand. “Are you trying to hurt yourself?” he demands. She snaps, “What concern is that of yours?” He looks at her in frustration. Yes, he wanted to keep his distance and yes, he hates that he feels attached to her…but he really hates that GaeIn thinks he’s in some kind of deeper relationship with InHee than what is true. “I only went over to InHee’s because a burglar broke into her house. When you called, I was at the office working.” GaeIn’s anger evaporates as JinHo mutters, “I don’t even know why I have to explain all of this to you.” (Because you looove her!) GaeIn is now concerned over InHee’s welfare. JinHo can’t believe her mood can switch so suddenly. How could she possibly be worried about InHee? GaeIn says she wishes JinHo had told her the whole story earlier, to which he replies it’s not something to go around advertising. GaeIn explains that while she knew JinHo wasn’t interested in InHee that way (you know, because GaeIn still thinks Mr. Fresh Glass of Hunky is gay), she was afraid that InHee had snatched away her best friend. JinHo says, very seriously and very sincerely, “That could never happen.” GaeIn stifles an involuntary smile that tries to peak out.

Their tentative moment is broken when ChangYul calls. He’s drunk dialing again, this time agonizing about how carelessly GaeIn tossed aside the first flowers he’s ever bought her. GaeIn’s more concerned about JinHo, who has stomped out of the work room after hearing the caller’s identity. After brushing off ChangYul’s drunken ramblings, she goes to stand outside JinHo’s bedroom door. A paper door in reality, but it might as well have been a concrete wall between them.

On the other side of that door, JinHo is equally unhappy about the way things stand between them. They’re both in for another restless night, the kind of night where the theme songs croons in furious sadness, “Like a fool, why didn’t I know? Like a fool, why did I let you go like that? Like a fool, because of my weeping heart, now… I realize now…that all of my love belongs to you.”

The next day, GaeIn is at work. She takes a call from the lumber yard ahjussi. After discussing the work-related stuff, the ahjussi can’t hide his curiosity, “Oh yeah, so tell me, which one was your real boyfriend? Was it the young man who came to get you…or the one who called later, so worried he could hardly catch his breath while asking what hospital you were taken to?” GaeIn is surprised to hear someone else had come looking for her besides ChangYul. The lumber yard ahjussi is more surprised that she didn’t meet up with the caller since he did give the second young man her location. “He said he was a friend. Ey, only friend by name! His actions were that of a boyfriend’s, scared to death from worry. You sure are popular, Ms. Park!” Realization hits GaeIn and she can’t believe it. That guy! Why does JinHo do that? Pretend he doesn’t care…when he does?

JinHo is in his office when GaeIn calls, “Are you free, friend?” Next thing we know, JinHo finds himself uncomfortably sitting on a park bench, wondering why he’s there in the middle of the day under prettily colored trees, in an area filled with couples on a date. GaeIn brings out a packed bento box and declares she’s always wanted to do something like this with a boyfriend. “Then shouldn’t you be doing this with ChangYul?” JinHo asks. GaeIn tells him to stop being difficult because she went through a lot of trouble to prepare this lunch for him. JinHo expresses disbelief, “You made these all by yourself?” It’s not that she didn’t want to hand-make them for him, she explains, only that her gimbap making skills are a bit on the lacking side so they were, yes, purchased. He’s not impressed, but she insists they’re still special because they leave you wanting more and more. She shoves one into his mouth. He chews grudgingly and tries to hide the fact that he’s actually quite touched by all her efforts.

After a moment, she asks, “Why didn’t you tell me you came to the hospital?” So that’s what this is about, his expression says. She wants to know why he didn’t announce himself when he came to the hospital. He answers that he didn’t want to interfere with her revenge plan. She’s beyond moved by his concern and wants to keep that warm and fuzzy feeling despite JinHo’s claim that it was just a gut reaction to rush to her side, no deeper meaning behind his actions at all. But GaeIn now knows he’s a porcupine, prickly on the outside as self-defense, but soft and mushy on the inside. She’s going to stay touched by his actions no matter what he says.

She asks, “What if I had been a man? Could you have felt something else for me?” JinHo replies flatly, “That’s hard to imagine.” She cutely repeats, “Is it hard to imagine?” She’s already wearing a bowler hat and suit. She adds a false seaweed mustache to the look (seaweed hijacked from a sushi roll) and wins a laugh out of JinHo. Her Charlie Chaplin looks is adorably funny. “Oh, what the hell, I’ll be your boyfriend for this one day!” she declares happily. JinHo really can’t stay aloof in face of such ridiculous cuteness. He laughs and his mood lightens.

They spend the day together. GaeIn upgrades her seaweed moustache to a genuine fake one. JinHo is initially startled by the wispy stache, but he gives into her prankster mood and they commemorate GaeIn’s sex change by taking pictures in a photo booth. They make a handsome pair. After a while, JinHo gets into it himself and starts participating in the extravagant poses with her. They’re having fun together (as dating should be fun).

When they’re done with the way-too-adorable photo op, JinHo asks, “Do you really have to go around like that?” He points to the moustache. But GaeIn has always wanted play a guy and refuses to take it off. “Don’t you think I really look like a man?” she chirps. He retorts, “You really look like a woman who’s lost her mind!” The two bicker and poke at each other all the way to the arcades. She’s busy having so much fun that she doesn’t hear when ChangYul phones her. You see, elsewhere, ChangYul has been up to his old sneaky ways and has been discussing Jeon JinHo’s sexuality with a private investigator, who has found no evidence that he’s gay. Basically, JinHo is definitely not gay. ChangYul is trying to get in touch with his wayward not-quite-girlfriend to warn her of JinHo’s lying scummy ways. Unfortunately, GaeIn is having way to much of an awesome time playing a shooting game called Time Caisis 4 with JinHo to give a bump about her buzzing cell.

JinHo and GaeIn are desperately trying to survive the video game that’s clearly kicking their butts. There’s a couple next to them also playing. The boyfriend asks his girlfriend, studying GaeIn’s moustache and bow-tie man outfit, “These days, is it the current fad for girls to dress up like that?” The girlfriend responds in completely serious confusion, “Why is a guy that looks like that going around with a girl like her?” GaeIn hears the insult and turns to glare at the girl. The boyfriend realizes what his own girlfriend has longingly said, “And what exactly do you mean ‘a guy that looks like that’!?” JinHo realizes GaeIn isn’t paying attention to the game, “Where are you looking while shooting!? Look straight ahead while shooting!” But JinHo gets distracted himself when the boyfriend jealously and sulkily declares, “You think that guy’s handsome? He looks like a sleazy hustler.”

Later, GaeIn titters in delight at JinHo’s reaction back at the arcade at being described as smarmy looking. When she keeps teasing, he tries to change to topic by asking when she’s gonna stop the day’s “event” of pretending to be a man, as it’s not amusing anymore. GaeIn gets a bright idea and suggests next time he dress up as a girl. “Do you think I’m crazy? Why would I pretend to be a girl?” he retorts. She thinks it would be a nice gesture in the name friendship. Really, can’t he do at least that much for her? He replies, “I’d rather you ask me to die in the name of friendship.” Over-dramatically, GaeIn falls to her knees, in the middle of the road, and pretends to be moved by his declaration that he would die for their friendship. “Oh, how embarrassing,” he exclaims and makes a quick dash away from the loud scene she’s making.

As he walks away, her face sobers as she gazes at his back. To this person she’s thankful to, she wishes she could tell him “I love you” but she lacks courage. That is why she became a man for him today. She sighs wistfully and shakes off her uncertain feelings, her unrequited feelings. Happy mask firmly back in place, she dashes after him yelling, “Hey, friend!” and jumps on him, trapping his neck in an affectionate arm lock. She grabs his arm and skips ahead with him in tow as the camera pulls out.

Later: it’s dark now and ChangYul is pounding on Sangojae’s door. When no one answers, he calls InHee demanding to know whether or not JinHo is with her. His ex-fiancé doesn’t see how that’s any of ChangYul’s business, he should just concentrate his efforts on wooing GaeIn. But this is about GaeIn, ChangYul snits. He reveals what he’s learned so far: that jerk who inspired GaeIn to slap his face is a lying hetero scumbag and not gay at all! When ChangYul declares that he’s going to spill all to GaeIn, InHee wants to meet RIGHT NOW. ChangYul doesn’t want to see her and hangs up.

On the drive home from their “date,” GaeIn is continuing her Guy Act. She wants to go for some drinks and share army stories, like two Korean dudes are wont to do. JinHo has had enough of this game. He reaches over and yanks off her hat, rips off her fake moustache. When she yelps in pain, he tells her, “Why do all of this in the first place anyway?” She sighs, “Because in my next life, I’m thinking to come back as a man.” JinHo looks at her, a look of concern on his face. She continues, “You come back exactly as you are, JinHo-sshi. And for just once, let’s meet again.” JinHo sighs, and says, “The Park GaeIn here and now is the one I like.”

Still pacing outside of Sangojae, ChangYul is agitated and annoyed when InHee shows up. She doesn’t want ChangYul to tell GaeIn that JinHo is gay, as that’s the reason why GaeIn is so peacefully (read: platonically) living with JinHo at Sangojae. ChangYul is startled, “JinHo is living here? With GaeIn!” He freaks out even more at that bit of news.

Most untimely-like, JinHo’s car pulls up. The couple in the car reluctantly climb out to face the stalkerishly annoying couple in the street. Not in the mood to mince words, ChangYul goes in swinging and socks JinHo in the face. He yells, “You! Who the hell do you think you are? Why do you keep interfering in my life!?” JinHo calmly replies, “Exactly what are you accusing me of?” ChangYul demands, “Who gives you the right to live in this house? What are you trying to do with GaeIn, you dirty jerk!?” JinHo denies doing anything to GaeIn. Then ChangYul turns to GaeIn, “How could not even tell me you’re living with this guy?” Back to JinHo, “I want you away from my woman immediately!”

But JinHo is one cool cat and he responds idly that he doesn’t take orders from ChangYul, furthermore, he wonders aloud, does it bother ChangYul that much that JinHo is by GaeIn’s side? (Well, duh, JinHo, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?) JinHo throws down the gauntlet, “Are you that insecure?” Properly baited, ChangYul tries to throw another punch, but JinHo easily blocks it this time and coolly informs the other, “It’s not that I can’t hit you, this is me restraining myself.” When JinHo steps back, ChangYul throws another sneak punch and connects with JinHo’s jaw.

InHee runs over to fuss. She immediately takes JinHo’s side and tells ChangYul to stop acting like some pathetic creep. But JinHo has had enough of being a punching bag. He straightens up. “You pathetic jerk,” he says before sending ChangYul hard into the ground with one blow. GaeIn falls to floor beside ChangYul cooing, “ChangYul-sshi? ChangYul-sshi, are you alright?” JinHo scowls at the scene at his feet. He’s too sharp and too sensitive when it comes to GaeIn not to note that GaeIn didn’t say a word when he was being hit but was so quick to run to ChangYul’s side. When ChangYul also realizes GaeIn is by his side, fussing over his bloody nose, a small measure of success enters his face.

Anger on JinHo’s face reveals that this entire situation between the three of them…may not be going in the direction that his heart wants it to go...

(A little over halfway through...about damn time JinHo pulled his head out of the sand!)


  1. hehe... i missed those PT recaps! ^^
    i think when i watched this episode, i awed a lot... i thought the "date" was particularly touching. makes me miss KJS, hope he's doing well in the army.
    as for jinho, FINALLY. dude, took you some time. anyways, ur going to redeem urself with the SPOILER killer kiss and sqeal-worthy "game over" so that's fine.
    lee min ho is really an actor whose future projects i'm looking forward to. really hope his BOF buddy kim hyun joong learn a thing or two from LMH to use in playful.
    actually, playful spurred me to rewatch BOF (just the last eps which i only fast-forwarded the 1st time) and realized KHJ is not half-bad in it (even tho i cant say the same for the plot.) his perf was SO dismal in the first few ep that in my mind, that he's deeply engraved as a bad actor in my mind but now that i rewatch the last parts less prejudicely, i realize he has hope for improvement in playful. same for BOF actually, in my mind, it's engraved as such a mess that i forgot WHY it was so popular in the first place but rewatching it, i remembered the good points. haha.
    and why am i going off topic again? sigh. i'm hopeless. point is, i like jinho!
    and why do i have this unholy attraction for ha ji won's brother in scandal altho he's a complete ass in it???

  2. haha.. life is busy for you too? me too... i feel the pressure... glad you'll still be watching dramas though. and yes, SKK is today. can't believe they would end there. i'm about to explode waiting for the next ep. and i KNEW there was something behind yongha. i got it right! next ep's yoo ah in looks really hot in the preview. can't wait for tomorrow.

  3. just letting you know.. it seems like it's official that hyun bin is replacing jang hyuk for secret garden. i'm not really complaining but i do feel slightly bittersweet. i'm glad it's hyun bin but disappointed it's not jang hyuk. ok, that doesn't even make sense to me.
    anyways, i'm SO looking forward to ha ji won's comeback. man, i missed her in dramas, especially since her bro's piercing eyes in SKKS reminded me so much of her.
    loved the interaction in today's SKKS. seeya!


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I Can Hear Your Voice (2013)
너의 목소리가 들려
(Jun – Jul 2013)

Bright Bright Taeyang
Dramas I will talk about and spoil after the  jump: Master’s Sun (until Ep 4). And some more thoughts on The Blade and the Petal (up to Ep6), and Who Are You (up to Ep6). And also, the craziest thing I saw this weekend: Kim WooBin fighting killer female robots.