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Friday, February 26, 2010

Witch Yoo Hee (2007)

Witch Yoo Hee
마녀유희 / Witch Amusement

(Mar – May 2007)

who’s in it
Han GaIn (Super Rookie)
JaeHee (Delightful Girl Chungyang)
Jun HyeBin
Kim Jeong Hoon (Goong)
Dennis O’Neil (Sweet Spy, East of Eden)

what’s it about
Han GaIn is a successful young woman with a reputation for being an ice princess, to phrase it politely. She’s not social and she’s not exactly likable upon first introduction. She’s also lousy at dating, as a good personality can factor into being considered dating material. Worse, like many females in the expanse of all known history, she’s still hurting from the loss of her first love, a dashing doc played by Kim JeongHoon, who is still hovering around in her gravitational pull. The term ‘when it rains, it pours’ applies here as two more men join the courting: old friend and American hottie Dennis O’Neil moves to Korea to accept a job (as head chef at a fancy restaurant) and simple-minded JaeHee crashes into her car, life, and home to become an indentured servant slash dating coach. Needless to say, both men end up having more than friendly intentions in mind.

16 episodes


wildcard factor
It’s…boring, for one. Second, it’s really boring.

after the first episode
Reference wildcard factor.

gave up
I was actually pretty fascinated by Dennis O’Neil’s ability to passably speak Korean…and obviously, I was fascinated by his beauty, which never fails to astound. It’s like greeting spring after a rough winter, every year it’s a surprise and a delight and never seems to get old. Anyway, Dennis O’Neil’s genetic bounty aside, Han GaIn was bland in this role, just as much as Kim JeongHoon. Jae Hee did a decent job at playing the genial busybody who cracks through Han GaIn’s tough exterior, but it’s not enough to make this drama interesting. It might be amusing for someone bored because it is funny (read: laughable), but it won’t leave any kind of meaningful or lasting impression.

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